Business Technology A is a computer driven course that provides students the opportunities to acquire technology skills for school, business, and future careers.   Students develop technology skills in Microsoft Word 2016 (word processing), Microsoft Excel 2016 (spreadsheet). Emphasis is also placed on communication, organization, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and career readiness.   All students are urged to take this course in order to obtain the technology, business and employability skills needed in today's world.


Career Internship

You can  earn high school credit for the hours of hands-on experience at your job.   You must work an average of 10 hours a week to earn .5 credit and an average of 15 hours a week to earn 1.0 credits.  You and your employer must fill out the training agreement completely by the deadline  and turn it in to me,  in order to  include Work Experience on  your schedule.   I will notify your counselor that I have received your paperwork and your counselor will put this class on your schedule.  I will give you the Work Experience packet when you turn in your training agreement.

Once you are officially in the class,  you will  complete bi-weekly timesheets, have your manager sign it, and return it to me.   During the semester, I will visit your place of employment  to meet with your manager to discuss your skills, work ethic, attitude, timeliness, etc...   Your manager will evaluate you at the end of each semester.   At the end of the semester, you will also write a reflection paper on your experience during the semester (suggested topics will be provided).   

Work Experience is a great way to earn credit and money, while gaining the skills and knowledge you will need in the work force.

Students explore what it takes to start and run a business.