Sound Production is a course that introduces students to the structure, content, theory and technical aspects of digital and analog sound/audio production and sound reinforcement as they apply to the sound reinforcement, audio production, broadcasting, music, entertainment and film industries. Students will study the application of many sound and audio production techniques and concepts. Students will acquire knowledge and develop basic skills used in the sound/audio production and sound reinforcement fields. These skills will be applied to planning, creating and presenting sound projects and providing technical support for school events, concerts, and audio productions that require sound reinforcement. Some of these productions include: Rendevouz, Musical, Choir concerts, band concerts, theater productions, various music related performances, and school assemblies. Active participation in audio and sound oriented events that take place in the evening and on weekends beyond the traditional school day is a required component of this class.

Video Production is a course that introduces students to the structure, content, theory, and technical aspects of video production as it applies to the television broadcasting, commercial video production, as well as the film industry. Students will study and apply many video and film production techniques and concepts related to both digital editing and videography. After acquiring knowledge of the basic skills used in planning, creating, and editing video projects, students will work in small groups to create various video-based projects using digital recording and editing equipment. This is a challenging “hands-on” course for the creative individual who wishes to explore and work with the rapidly growing media.