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    Fifth Grade Suggested Supply List

    Fifth Grade Suggested Supply List

    1. Erasers block and cap

    2. Pencils (Plan for the year)

    3. 1 Three subject spiral notebook with folder divider

    4. 1 Spiral Notebook

    5. Folders 5 (plastic preferred)

    6. Loose leaf paper

    7. Zip pouch for supplies

    8. pencil sharpener

    9. Clorox wipes please replenish as needed:)

    10. 1 box of Kleenex

    11. Ear buds labeled and in a case or bag

    12. Extra gym shoes for gym class

    13. composition notebook with grid paper (note book full of graph paper....can be found at Office Depot for $1)

    PLEASE LABEL all of your students items…wide eyes

    Thank you, in advance, for your support and we look forward to seeing you in the fall! The Fifth Grade Team

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                                                                               August 28th, 2013

      Dear Parents and Students,

      Welcome back to school! We look forward to a successful year with your child and eager to help guide him/her throughout the learning adventure ahead!  We hope that your child is beginning to anticipate this year with enthusiasm!

      We have a dynamic learning family and environment! Students will rotate for three academics: science/health with Mrs. Hagelstein, social studies with Mrs. Stephenson, and math with Miss Hawley. Your child will have language arts instruction with their homeroom teacher. In addition, Mrs. Regiani will be providing special education instruction and support in our classrooms. Your child's journey will continue with physical education—Mr. Hysell, music—Mrs. Brazee, art—Mrs. Ruelas, Spanish with Mrs. Pina, and library—Mrs. Topal.  (If you are able to to volunteer for library support, please stop in, call, or email Mrs. Topol.)

      Your child's day is very full with learning and activity, which leads to a very important reminder...please encourage your child to bring healthy snacks everyday to school!!  It is very important that we encourage healthy habits now—nutritious snacks enhance student focus and concentration.  Making sound choices at this age will help nurture more productive learners and better consumers.

      The following information is being provided for your convenience and understanding of the many activities that involve your child's education.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information, please feel free to call your child's homeroom teacher. Your input and ideas are welcome!

      Teaching at Willow Hill is a blessing!  Our children are terrific and the parent support is outstanding!!! We look forward to working with your child in the months ahead. Your enthusiastic interest towards your child's learning is sincerely appreciated. Together we will be guiding your child on his/her pathway through fifth grade. We look forward to a great year with you and your child!

      Mrs. Haglestein, Miss Hawley and Mrs. Stephenson