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  • Physical Education

    Welcome to Willow Hill Physical Education. My name is Mr. Tim Hysell. I am teaching grades 2 through 5 here at Willow Hill. My intent and goal is to provide your children with the knowledge and enjoyment of living a healthy lifestyle. Move to Live, Love to Move!

  • Physical Education Grades 2-5

    Grades Two through Five have begun to work on the underhand throw. I will mainly focus on the technique and trying to get the students to be consistent and accurate throwers. I will play a couple different games to apply this skill. Later in January, I will be using the traveling bowling kit to help refine this skill. The main differenence between the bowling and throwing will be the release point.

    Grades Four and Five are completing FitnessGram pre-testing. FitnessGram testing is based on national norms and will give each student a personalized report as to how they have done on each testing discipline compared to other students their age and body make-up. The test disciplines are Pacer (aerobic conditioning), curl-up, push-up, sit and reach, and height and weight. The students wil be taking their final tests in FitnessGram in late April/May.


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    • Physical Activity and Brain Based Learning

      Exciting research in the past five years has shown a remarkably strong relationship with physical exercise and how the brain functions helping students perform better academically. This section will provide new ideas and information on this fascinating subject.

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