Topic outline

  • Spanish 2

    This class is a continuation of Spanish 1 with a focus on communication in the three modes:  Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational.  This will include writing and speaking.  In addition to these two skill areas, students will engage in activities focused on reading, listening and viewing authentic materials.

  • Classroom Management

    Use Google Classroom for the JOBS list.  A copy of the Syllabus is posted here as well as under Google Classroom (Menu Tab is "About") and other important tools for the classroom.  

    Classroom Rules:  

    Know the secret password and wait to be admitted at the door.  I enjoy greeting you each day and coaching your pronunciation.

    Be in your seat on time, with your notebook and pencil when class officially begins.  If you arrive late, a knock on the door will alert a student who will admit you, with a "lo siento" - you are not required to give him/her the password - rather you will say it to me.

    No gum because it poses a choking hazard when speaking certain Spanish letters.

    No cell phones on your person - they are kept inside your backpack and your backpack is placed on top of or under the countertop, out of the way so it won't trip anyone and also so that no one will crush your netbook or phone.

    Be kind and respectful.

    Follow all of the expectations as outlined in the syllabus with regard to Participation and being attentive, and the P.A.T.  In addition, follow this school's rules as outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook..

  • Los cuadernos/Notebook

    A 3-ring binder with loose-leaf, white, lined paper is required for this class.  It must be divided into 5 categories:  

    1.  Los Repasitos

    2.  La gramática

    3.  El vocabulario

    4.  Los recursos

    5.  Misc.

    A notebook grade will be assigned as a "pop" grade. Your items must be in the correct category.  Completeness and organization are assessed.

    • La cultura

      Culture/Fiesta Fridays - allows your student to earn extra credit points, up to ten per semester, by participating beyond expectations in the investigation of culture.

      • El vocabulario

        Found also on and Google Classroom under the "About Tab"