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    tree frog
    Welcome to Biology!

    • Topic 1

      General Course Information

      Mrs. Kristin Stuedemann
      WSH Room B204


    • Topic 9

      Bio B State Unit 12: Evolution
      Test on Wednesday, February 11th 

      Monday 1/26
      Course Introduction
      Genetics and Evolution Connection

      Tuesday 1/27
      Darwin Video w/ Main Idea Notes

      Wednesday 1/28
      Bird Beak Lab

      Thursday 1/29
      Ideas that shaped Darwin's Thinking

      Friday 1/30
      Lamarck PowerPoint
      Comic Day 1

      Monday 2/2
      15-3 Partner Activity and PowerPoint

      Tuesday 2/3
      ACT Prep Graphing Protocol
      Review Game

      Wednesday 2/4
      Comic Correction Intro & Correction 

      Thursday 2/5
      Evolution Articles-HONORS ONLY
      YouTube Evolution-Bio
      Complete Comics-Bio

      Friday 2/6
      YouTube Evolution- Honors
      Chapter 16 Mini-Protocol Notes

      Monday 2/9
      Evolution Review & Extend Review Warm-up
      Comparing Amino Acid Sequences Lab
      Test Review

      Tuesday 2/10
      Review Day & Portfolio Organization

      Wednesday 2/11

      Thursday 2/12
      No School- Snow Day

      Friday 2/13
      Practice ACT Warm-up
      Science "Friday" on Thursday

      Monday 2/16
      Practice ACT Test Results
      Evolution Test Results and Reflection

      • Topic 10

        Bio B State Unit 7: Matter & Energy in Ecosystems
        Bio B State Unit 8: Population Ecology & Human Impacts in Ecosystems
        **Ecology Test on Thursday, March 12


        Tuesday 2/17: 
        Food Web Group Simulation
        Ecology Day 1-Food Webs

        Wednesday 2/18: 
        Popcorn Relay Race
        Ecology Day 2- Flow of Energy 

        Thursday 2/19:
        Review of Days 1 and 2
        Ecology Day 3-Nitrogen Cycles

        Friday 2/20:
        Most "Un"wanted Invasive Species Project Research Day
        Asian Carp Letter to State Rep Extra Credit

        Monday 2/23:
        Invasive Species Project Creation Day

        Tuesday 2/24:
        Invasive Species Project Creation Day

        Wednesday 2/25: 
        Cougar Lab

        Thursday 2/26:
        Global Warming Reading and Group Discussion Protocol 

        Friday 2/27:
        Global Warming Reading & Video

        Monday 3/7, Tuesday 3/8, Wednesday 3/9:
        Human Population Video & Unit Scale

        Tuesday 3/10 and Wednesday 3/11:
        Test Review

        Thursday 3/12:

        Friday 3/13:
        Test Reflection Day


        • Topic 12

          Bio B Unit 4: Comparative Structure & Function of Living Things

          Monday 3/16
          Reading Quiz using AP Biology reading selection
          Intro to invertebrate project

          Tuesday 3/17
          Bio start invert group project
          Complete your section of the Invertebrate Tables

          Wednesday 3/18 
          Project Work Day

          Thursday 3/19 
          Project Work Day / Finish Projects/ Start Presentations

          Friday 3/20 
          Science Friday

          Monday 3/23
          Meaningful Work Reflection
          Take-Home Quiz

          Tuesday 3/24
          Missing Work Completion Day

          Wednesday 3/25
          Invertebrate ID Lab 

          Tuesday 4/7
          Honors- Honors Project Expectations Review
          Chordate Intro Discussion

          Wednesday 4/8
          Start Chordates with w/ fish and amphibians Chordate Packet

          Thursday 4/9
          Reptile Notes Chordate Packet
          Reptile Supplemental Video

          Friday 4/10
          Bird Notes Info Chordate Packet
          Bird Video

          Monday 4/13
          Mammal Notes Chordate Packet
          Mammal Video w/ Notes as homework

          Tuesday 4/14
          Plant Foundational Information

          Wednesday 4/15 
          Flower  Dissection

          Thursday 4/16
          Life is Life Notes  w/ PP
          Essay Test Prep

          Friday 4/17
          Comparative Structures Open-Note Essay