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  • General

    Welcome to the LMC class!

    This class is designed to be fun. Take advantage of working in a library and learning about how they run. There is always something to do so if you feel like you have down time, ask. Your grade reflects the quality of the role you play in helping us serve our patrons. Learn everything you can, look for ways to keep improving our library and take the time to do quality work. We are happy you are here.

    • Topic 1

      LMC Notes

      Check daily to stay informed. The notes will be dated so you can keep track of what your have read.

    • Topic 2

      Training is over!

      Congratulations! You are a fully trained LMC aide. Not that there isn't more to learn, but we feel you are ready to be on your own.

      So here is what your day should look like:

      1. Check in with Mrs. Shoobridge
      2. Check Moodle
      3. Shelve your books and read your section
      4. Work on assignments (if any)
      5. Look for things that need to be done (mail, printers, stamp cards, clean tables...)
      6. Do a lap around the LMC before you leave. Push in chairs, pick up garbage, that sort of thing.

      We want you to be independent. Look for things that need to be done. This is a skill employers are going to be looking for. There is a list of items to do on the back side of the shelving cart diagram if you need some suggestions. If there are special projects, like pulling books, we will come find you.

      • This topic

        Create a Bookmark

        Use Destiny and a word processing program to create a bookmark available for patron use and interest.

        The purpose of this assignment:

        1. Get more familiar with Destiny by conducting purposeful searches.
        2. Become more familiar with our collection
        3. Provide a fun resources for students and staff to use that may increase circulation of materials.
        4. Become connected to the library and patron needs.

        We have a sample bookmark for you to look at.