Writer's Notebook

journal frontimage

Purchase a hardcover journal to use as your Writer's Notebook throughout this course.   Take the time to decorate it in a way that is meaningful to you.    Upload a photo of it and summarize why you chose to decorate it as you did.

As my writer's notebook developed while I was attending the Writing Institute at Columbia University, it reflects my experience there.   The front is a large photograph of me at the entrance to Teachers College.   This is proof it wasn't all a dream!    A Teachers College logo and the date of the institute complete the front.   The back has more logos from Columbia.   However, it also has a photograph I took of the Statue of Liberty while on  a boat tour symbolizing the fun I had as well as the awesome places I was able to visit.   A postcard from  a viewpoint of looking straight up at a skyscraper depicted  my feelings of being in a city surrounded by tall, tall, tall buildings.   I had never experienced not being able to see the skyline for so many days in a row.   In the lower right  corner (and it should have been in the lower left as it was not very "right") is a small slice of a postcard from the hotel where I stayed.   The size of that memento is revealing in itself.       I will always remember my time there when I look at my notebook.