Life Check Assessment

Cardiovascular Disease Assignment

  1. Watch Million Hearts

  1. View the Fast Facts on the same page.
  1. Do the My Life Check Assessmenthttp://

 Copy the final result page and write a paragraph reflecting on your score and things that you can do to improve your score.  Choose the two categories that you feel are most important for yourself.  Submit to Moodle.

4.  Discuss how you could use the Life Check Assessment if you were a:

    1. parent of a teenager
    2. doctor
    3. personal trainer
    4. patient recovering from a heart attack

5.   Make a “scenario” of a person 40-60 years old with at least 3 major risk factors and 2 other contributors to heart disease.  Write out the details of their risk factors.  Next, complete the My Life Check Assessment as if you were that person.  Compare the result page with your own results and reflect on the risk factors.  Cite at least 4 differences between your “scenario” person and yourself.