Diet Research Assignment

Group Members:

Name of the Diet:

1.  How does it work:

2.  Claims of diet:

3.  What foods can you eat on this diet?

4.  What foods can’t you eat on this diet?

5.  Health risks?

6.  Success rate?

7.  Sites/Sources:

Group Work for Diet Research Assignment

 Identify the 2 main components of your diet. 



 Go to a group with like components:

  • Low-Carb diet
  • High protein diet
  • Low calorie diet
  • Balanced diet/Moderation (variety of foods)
  • Buy foods made by diet promoters
  • Promise weight loss
  • Physical exercise is part of the diet
  • Vegetarian based

 Share your diet with your group.  Explain what the main points are and then compare the similarities and differences of the diets within your group.

 Pick a spokesperson.  Present to the class a short summary of the types of diets in your group and their focal points.

 If you were to choose a diet for yourself, which one would you choose?  Give at least 3 reasons with supporting details why you would choose this diet.  Give at least 1 reason why this diet could be difficult to stick with.