Physical Fitness Myths Assignment

Physical Fitness Myths

Directions: Choose five of the following myths. “Debunk” the myth with proof using multiple sources. Site your sources and include specific facts about each myth.


  1. Lifting weights will make you look bulky.

  2. I you're not sweating, you're not working hard enough.

  3. Machines are a safer way to exercise because you're doing it the right way every time.

  4. Spot reduction”- Doing crunches will reduce belly fat.

  5. Stretching is only important BEFORE working out.

  6. A hot bath will prevent muscle soreness.

  7. Running is counterproductive to strength training.

  8. No pain, no gain. “ If I am not sore the next day, then I didn't work hard enough.”

  9. A short workout is a waste of time.

  10. If I work out, I can eat whatever I want.

  11. Running is bad for your knees.

  12. Sports drinks help you workout more effectively.

  13. Morning is the best time to workout.

  14. Building muscles reduces flexibility.

  15. Swimming doesn't help you lose weight.

  16. If you don't keep exercising your muscles will turn to fat.

  17. Don't drink water when you work out.

  18. Carb loading” gives you the energy and nutrients you need to build muscles.

  19. Static stretching prevents injuries.

  20. Strength isn't important for distance running.