Obesity Epidemic Assignment



 As you watch the “Obesity Epidemic”, make notes below:

  1. Three main conditions have contributed to the rise in obesity:  societal, economic and cultural.  List contributing factors in each category.

 Societal                                   Economic                              Cultural


  1. Solutions for the epidemic should include individuals, communities, local governments, and schools.  List possible solutions below in each area.

Individuals                              Communities/Local Governments              Schools

  1. In groups, answer the following questions:


    • What are health risks associated with being overweight and obese?
    • Why is obesity continuing to rise with all of the research, diets, and programs available?
    • Discuss two community programs targeted to help reduce childhood obesity.  Are they effective?  Why or why not?
    • Analyze the positive and negative aspects of the school cafeteria.  Suggest realistic changes.
    • What is the role of  parents/families in fighting obesity?
    • Discuss specific things that teens should focus on to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.