Choose My Plate Assignment

  1. Go to:
  1. Scroll down and click on “SuperTracker” box.
  1. Set up your own personal profile.  This sight you can use daily if you would like.
  1. You must complete 2 activities:  Food Tracker, and Physical Activity Tracker.
  1. Use the Food Tracker and the Physical Activity Tracker for one day.  Create a “Nutrients Report” (“View By Meal”) and a “Physical Activity” report in a word or pdf document.  Your reports must contain entries for 1 day. 
  1. Using your Nutrients Report, look at the target, average eaten, and status columns.  Notice where your weak areas are (over or under on status).  Click on the Nutrition Intake Report.  Than expand the boxes for protein, carbohydrates and total fat (box on far left of column with “+”).  Read the tips given and choose the most important tips for you. 
  1. Reflect on the bottom of your Nutrients Report, explaining 3 tips that can improve your eating.  Also identify 3 foods that you can replace with healthier choices.  Explain why each of these is a healthier choice. 
  1. Reflect on the bottom of your Activity Report, explaining your target minutes of activity and muscle strengthening activities compared with your actual weekly totals.