Teen Talk Video Drinking Dangers

Teen Talk Video- Drinking Dangers


  1. Why do you think many young people take risks like Jayme did? 


  1. What reasons did Reid and Blaze give for refusing alcohol? What refusal statement or “line” did they use when they were offered alcohol?
  1. Why do you think that Reid’s and Blaze’s method for refusal works for them? Would it work for you? Explain.
  1. Which other reasons for refusing, or refusal “lines,” given by teens or experts in the video would you be most likely to use yourself? Explain.
  1. At what age do you think youth should start learning about and practicing alcohol refusal skills? What training would be most at that age? Explain.
  1. How will you say no to alcohol?
  1. How will you stick to your decision not to drink?

 Connect to your life

  1. List three things that you learned from the video about refusing alcohol.