Fitnessgram Scores and Questions

Entering FitnessGram Scores

1.      Go to: 

2.      Under Youth

            Click  - Enter FG Scores

3.      Log in:

State: Michigan

District: Traverse City Area Public Schools

School: Traverse City West Senior High

User Name: (school Log In)

Password: Aa123456

4.      Choose Fitnessgram

5.      Select your class, Select “open”

6.       Enter your scores from green card (20M Pacer, curl up, push up, sit and reach, trunk lift,            activity days, height/weight)

7.       Click – I’m done

8.       Click red box – View Report (it opens in bottom left corner)

9.      Answer Questions below using your report: (use this link for a reference)

1.  Open your FitnessGram report.  What is the purpose of the FitnessGram report?

2.  Explain what the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) means?

3.  What is the strongest component of your fitness?____________________________________

                Explain why you think that is?

 4.  What is the weakest component of your fitness? _____________________________________

                Explain why you think that is?


5.  Explain the importance of Aerobic Capacity:

6.  Explain the importance of Muscular Strength/Endurance:

7.  Explain the importance of Flexibility:

8.  Explain the importance of Body Composition: