Doublethink Reflection

Now that you have considered the contradictory idioms in the presentation, respond to the prompt below. Before beginning, however, examine this document, which contains the requirements for a successful completion of the activity. The rubric is general, so some aspects may not apply, but you should get the general idea.

The three slogans of the Party--War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength--can all be considered as "contradictory," yet these are the accepted slogans of the dominant group. In our present usage of the English language, we commonly use expressions that make little to no sense, especially when we think of other expressions that we also use. After all, curiosity apparently killed the cat that had nine lives. 

Think more deeply about these slogans. Remember that Orwell was writing about his own time when he composed this novel. Remember, too, that for generations, people the world over have found truth in the novel that relates to their own country, their own media, their own government, their own history.

Pick ONE of these slogans and compose a paragraph of 6-10 sentences minimum (or two paragraphs of 6 sentences minimum), to reflect on the state of some part of the world as reflected in the truth of the slogan... How is it, for example, that you could defend the idea that "Ignorance IS Strength" given current historical situation, or that from the perspective of [insert person or government or agency or group], "Freedom ACTUALLY IS Slavery." 

I'm not asking you to defend the concept. Rather, I'm asking you to recognize how these concepts are currently present, at work, or relevant in our historical reality -- how this novel continues to speak to us and about us from almost 70 years away.

On Friday, you're going to do a presentation using some of the ideas you develop today, so make sure you've thought deeply and written clearly.