We will be using the Daily Five/CAFE program during our balanced literacy time.  While the students are working on independent activities, I meet with guided reading groups.  Groups are formed based on specific reading strategies that would be most helpful for each student. 


Daily Five:  Each day students rotate between five different literacy activities.  Read to self:  students read "good fit" books independently.  Read to someone:  Students read with a partner.  Listening:  Students select a book on CD and read along.  Writing:  Students either work on cursive or a self selected writing piece.  Word Work:  Students work with their Words Their Way list.


CAFE:  This is a simple way of organizing the mini-lessons that I present to the students each day.  The acronym CAFE stands for; comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expand vocabulary.  The attached CAFE menu is a sampling of the specific skills that are addressed in both the mini-lessons as well as during the strategy-based reading groups.