Texting, Newspeak, Information, and Ideas

Requirements for Successful Completion

  • You must respond to the prompt with at least one thoughtful, meaningful and complete post of at least 5-7 sentences of varying length.
  • You must reply to at least two other posts with thoughtful, meaningful and complete commentary. You could ask a question and signify why the question is important to you, or provide an alternative way to think about the idea. 
  • You will also REPLY TO YOURSELF after viewing the video.
  • In all cases, your responses should be not only thoughtful, meaningful, and complete but also polite, courteous, and respectful.

To meet the expectations above, you will likely need to respond in at least a full paragraph of 5-7 sentences, or perhaps a couple paragraphs. Your goal is NOT to answer the question quickly but to demonstrate what you know and what you think. A sentence or two is, by demonstration, more than likely to be incomplete, and lacking in both thought and meaning.

The Prompt

Some say that without language, complex thoughts are impossible. In fact, most agree that language is what makes humans capable of such great accomplishments. The notion behind Newspeak is that by simplifying and dumbing down language, you simplify and dumb down those who use it. Do you think this is possible? Wat abot txt msgs? R u concrnd that txts r a modrn frm of Neuspk? Do you think there are things that exist which we don’t understand because we lack the language to describe or experience it? Explain in detail.

"Txting is killing language. JK."

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