Assignment: Print and mount 9 photographs that explore line, texture and pattern in the world around you. Use both wide angle and macro modes in your work.

Criteria for Success: Your work should show experimentation with composition, macro camera settings, wide-angle lens settings, use of depth of field to limit and expand focus, use of GIMP tools as appropriate.

lines photo1Eye Candy! - We're looking images that will catch your eye. You'll find examples of lines, patterns and texture in everyday places. Use them to create strong images with lots of contrast.

In this photograph the window frame literally frames the image of the patterns on the roof. Using one object to frame another is a great way to add depth to your photos. Experiment with a frame that adds contrast in terms of light or texture when compared with your subject.

Lines second photoThis photograph used the macro function of the camera to capture the texture of an everyday object, tire tread.  I enhanced the image with more contrast and the sharpen filter. You'll find lots of examples of lines, patterns and texture on cars. The macro setting on your camera will let you focus on objects only inches away.

Texture contrastIn this image from Liisa's photostream, we see contrast in texture in the wall and windows. There is contrast in color as well. Notice how the angle of the shot creats an impression of size. This photo would not have the same impact if it were a straight-on shot of the window and frame.

lines 3 photo This photograph uses objects in a line. You'll have to scout around for these images but keep your photographic mind's eye open and you'll find them!
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