The purpose of this activity is to discover ways to capitalize on individual strengths and to improve areas of weakness. Before individuals can improve, they must begin a process of identifying their own strengths and weaknesses. Although not initially exhaustive, this process will assist the students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses by identifying the strengths of others that they would like to emulate.

Steps To Complete the Activity

Have students

Take Handout #1 to six people who know them either in or out of school and have each person write in the space provided one good, great, or impressive positive act which they have seen the student do. Do not allow them to use the student's name in their responses on the handout. When students have completed Handout #1, have them turn it in.
Post students' great acts on the board. An act may be listed only once. Return Handout #1 along with Handout #2.
In Handout #2's left-hand column, have students enter six good acts from the list on the board that they have not done but would like to be known for doing. In the right-hand column, have them briefly describe what they might do to achieve these acts.
Discuss their responses with each other and the teacher and suggest ways that each person may continue this process.

The concluding discussion could be enlarged to examine the good acts of individuals as seen in works of literature, history, or any other discipline in which leadership is vital. The activity may be introduced with a video or a story read about an individual leader who is newsworthy or popular at the present time.

See next page for sample handouts.


Handouts #1 and #2



Handout #1

Instructions: Take this form to six people who know you well. Ask each person to write down one single good or impressive positive act he or she has seen you perform. Do not use your real name on this form. When the form is complete, give it to your teacher.

Student's "alias" _________________________













Handout #2

Instructions: In column 1, write down six great acts from the list on the board that you would like to accomplish. In column 2, write a brief description of how to achieve each act. When the form is complete, give it to the teacher.

Acts of Others for Which I Would Like To Be Known      How To Achieve
1.                                                    1.

2.                                                    2.

3.                                                    3.

4.                                                    4.

5.                                                    5.

6.                                                    6.

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