Commitment through Service

To demonstrate leadership as individuals or in small groups, students will evaluate their communities in order to identify community needs. Students will devise ways to assume active roles to meet community needs. They then perform and evaluate the service.

Steps To Complete the Activity


Have students

Collect information about the community through local newspaper, field trips, and interviews.
Brainstorm needs in the community.
Identify a need matched to their own talents and abilities.
Contact officials involved (such as non-profit organization directors, government officials, and volunteer organizations).
Plan the service (such as group responsibilities, schedule, training needs, transportation, permission slips).

Have students

Carry out the service project.
Document the service project.

Have students

Record observations.
Compare outcome with plan of action.
Evaluate how the project could have been more effective.

Have students

Inform the community about the service project (such as class presentations, letter to the school board, article for the school or local paper).

For similar activities, see The Leadership Magazine, a publication of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, or access their Web site:

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