Fourth graders will have homework this year. The homework will fall into one of these categories:

  • Spelling
  • Weekly Reader
  • Math
  • Projects
  • Study for CAAP tests (the district tests to assess progress)


4th grade is using a  “spelling” program called Words Their Way, which will allow us to give your child words that are appropriate for him/her on an individualized basis.  WTW has students looking deeper at words and the rules of words, such as the shifts that occur when prefixes or suffixes are added to bases and roots.  Students are assessed and placed in groups based on their level of word knowledge.  The goal is to give your child appropriate word studies that will solidify these spelling concepts, rather than just supplying a weekly list that is memorized and easily forgotten.

Your child will be bringing home a collection of spelling words weekly that have been introduced in class.  Each night of the week your child is expected to complete a different sorting activity to ensure these words and the spelling principles they represent are mastered.  These activities have been modeled and practiced in school, so your child can teach you how to do them.


Remind your child to sort the words into categories like the ones we did in school.  Your child should read each word aloud during this activity.  Ask your child to explain why the words are sorted in a particular way – what does the sort reveal about spelling in general?  Ask your child to sort them a second time if possible.


Do a blind (no peeking) sort with your child.  Lay down a word from each category as a header and then read the rest of the words aloud.  Your child must indicate where the word goes without seeing it.  Lay it down and let your child move it if he or she is wrong.  Repeat if your child makes more than one error.


Assist your child in doing a word hunt, looking for words in a familiar book that have the same sound, pattern, or both.  Try to find two or three for each category.


Do a writing sort to prepare for the Friday test.  As you call out the words in a random order your child should write them in categories.  Call out any words your child misspells a second or even a third time.


***After your child has completed their daily WTW sort please initial his/her assignment book page. 

Weekly Readers will also be sent home each Monday.  Your child is to read it and answer the comprehension questions as homework each week.  If the answers can be found in the text, your child is to highlight the answer.  Some answers will require inference and higher level thinking that may not be found directly in the text.  These will be used as part of a letter, reading grade at the end of each trimester.


Math homework and work completion are expected each day.  If your child completes his/her assignments during class work time, he/she may not have "homework," however reviewing concepts, reviewing class notes, reviewing Pearson tests/quizzes, having your child work on some math games, or study x or / facts, can be a plus. 

If your child is unable to have homework time on a certain day of the week, please encourage your youngster to attend study hall on that day, so work is not late and he/she is able to keep up with the math concepts.

Also, your child has 2-3 classmates to call, as well as my #, if your child has a question about an assignment.  Feel free to email/call me is you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your support.  Together we can help your child make valuable progress!  Miss B.


Last modified: Thursday, September 20, 2012, 7:13 PM