Quiz Update

Summary of Quiz Changes

The quiz activity in Moodle is not new but in Moodle 2 it has been made significantly more user-friendly.  The following page provides information on the changes with the Moodle quiz but does not provide detailed instructions on how to create a quiz.  

In summary these are the changes to the Moodle quiz:

  1.  The set up page and creating questions is simplified
  2. Questions can be tagged by the teacher
  3. Students or teachers can “flag” a question for later referral
  4. Correct and incorrect question responses are color coded
  5. The quiz reports have been improved 
  • Graphs are added to some reports
  • Responses report allows the teacher to download all students’ answers in one setting
  • A new report called Statistics provides much more detailed information on all questions

View a summary video below:


Last modified: Tuesday, August 2, 2011, 10:09 PM