Create a Workshop

The Workshop

The workshop is a powerful peer editing tool that allows the teacher control over the type of assessment as well as who is assessing. The workshop is a tool that many teachers tried with Moodle 1 but after repeated attempts to use it became discouraged.  Its original format was confusing to use and difficult to manage.  For Moodle 2 it has been completely re-worked.  Because it is powerful it is a more complex tool to use and will take some time to learn.

In order to best understand the workshop you need to understand the 5 main stages involved.

  1. Set-up
  2. Submission
  3. Assessment
  4. Grading Evaluation
  5. Closed (a view of the gradebook)

The workshop can be used for individual self-evaluation as well as the traditional peer assessment functionality.

The gradebook will record two separate grades, the submission and assessment grades.  This gives the teacher unique control over the grades and helps students understand that they are being graded on not just the submission of their own work but the effort they put into evaluating their classmates.


So much about understanding the workshop is dependent on seeing student submissions and peer review.  The following tutorial is not unique to the Moodle server your course is on, but it does include every step of the process and shows clearly what student submission and review looks like.  Additionally this link will take you to the Moodle Docs for this activity.


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