What is the Community Hub Concept?

What is the Community Hub?

The Community Hub was addressed in the overview and will be explained further here by way of review.

This is a future functionality. As you and your colleagues begin to populate this Moodle site with quality course materials it will become possible to share these materials with others on your server and to other Moodle servers around the state.  It is the hope of your REMC to begin to try some of this in the fall. 

These are some of the important features:*

  • You will eventually have the ability to Publish your course.
  • When publishing there will be numerous options that allow you complete control of your content
    • You can publish your entire course
    • You can publish pieces of your course
    • These will then become available in the Community Hub
    • Other teachers will be able to preview and then download (basically a back-up/restore) or your course or the parts of it available.
    • None of this content will contain student data
    • Beyond sharing of content, ultimately this could also enable students to enroll in courses across Moodle servers allowing for greater delivery of online content regardless of districts or school systems.  Essentially this could give you the opportunity to teach students online outside of your district with the proper agreements in place.


*Remember, the online documentation in Moodle talks about a greater Moodle community and indeed you can join the larger Moodle MOOCH hub.  However, your REMC is simply considering sharing content across several nearby REMC server.


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