World History Syllabus


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Welcome to Modern World History.

We've got a lot to learn and not enough time to do it, so hang on!

Look at the world around you!   What the heck is going on?   Everywhere around you, T.V., radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, songs, conversations in the street, the talk is all about the War in Iraq, Terrorists in the Middle East, U.S. Soldiers being killed and killing others, the crash of old governments and the birth of new ones, nukes in North Korea, the rise of China, the chaos of Africa, the transformation of Old Europe.   The world is going through an incredibly complex, dangerous and unpredictable phase.    

Luckily we gather here every morning to try and make some sense of it.   Why do we care?   Because this planet is our only home, because more than ever, what happens in Saudi Arabia or in South Africa, is just as important to your day to day life as what happens in your own backyard.   Because knowledge is power and ignorance is weakness.

This is how we'll do it:

1.   We'll begin each day with an informal discussion about the current events of the day.   Sometimes I'll bring up the topic, sometimes you will.   Before the end of the quarter each of you must bring up at least one topic that gets us started.   After each morning's discussion, we'll take a few minutes to record the issue in our World History Journal.   This Journal will be checked regularly by me and will be a big part of your grade.    

2.   The next part of our morning will be to wrestle with one of the topics that we're covering this quarter.   The topics will definitely include: The Middle East, The War in Iraq, Terrorism, The Post 9-11 World, World Religions, Africa and the Values that make up our Democracy and shape us as individuals and as a country.   During this part of the morning I might be lecturing, you might be lecturing, we might be reading, we might be taking notes.   We definitely will be discussing everything, everyday, all the time.   I will be giving you a lot of handouts and they all will be neatly organized by you in your World History Folder.   This folder will be checked often for points.

3.   Almost everyday we will have a Hot Topic Debate.   During this time one of you, or myself, will bring up a controversial topic, give some background on the issue and will present both sides of the argument.   Whoever presents the Hot Topic will then be in charge of refereeing the discussion that follows.   All students will present at least one topic and all students must participate and share their opinions.   Examples of Hot Topics include, flag burning, racial profiling, prisoner torture, abortion, gay marriage, medical marijuana, gun ownership etc.   After each discussion, we'll record the topic and our opinions once again in our World History Journal.

4.   The last part of each day will be set aside for individual and group work.   This is your chance to do assignments, finish readings, catch up on missed work, do research and read independently.   All parts of our day will be flexible but this is the basic schedule.    

Other Stuff    

The Room Let's keep it clean and keep it respected.   The stuff on the walls is mine and comes from all over the world and I cannot replace it.   If you don't keep it clean, you'll lose eating and drinking rights.


Coffee If you drink the room coffee you must follow these rules:

-never leave less than an inch in the pot, make a fresh pot!

-coffee never leaves the room.

-coffee must never disturb class.

-if you drink you must contribute either supplies or money


Passes  You can leave the room only once a day to go to the bathroom or get a drink.   If there is not a tie, you must wait.

-you cannot use a tie to go to the office, to the nurse, to the office etc.   Only the bathroom/waterfountain.

-if you need the office, I will write you a pass, but don't disrupt my teaching.

-no passes anywhere during the first 20 minutes of class.


RTC   If you are being disruptive you will be asked 'do you want to be here?'   If you do, then stop the problem.   If you continue to disrupt you will go to RTC to fill out a plan with Commander.   If you can't handle school or class then you can leave the building but you'll be marked 'unproductive.'


Tardiness   If you get here 20 minutes late, it's a tardy.   If you are later than 20 minutes you won't be allowed in the room and will be marked absent.   Morgan and Commander will have a work room for you to use while you wait for the next period to start.


Missed Days/Handout Files If you miss a day do not ask us for what you missed.   Find your missing assignments and handouts in the U.S. History Files.   It is up to you to complete any missed work.   You must have every handout numbered, completed and in order in your folder to complete this class.


Journal and Folder For this class you will need a folder and a blank notebook or journal.   You should get a separate folder and notebook for this class, don't share with other classes because you will often be turning them in to me to be graded.   The folder and journal should never leave the school!


Pencils/Supplies will be kept on the countertop.   Sharpening pencils in class is verboten!   Anything you get from the counter is just a loan, it stays in the room.


Books, Magazines, Newspapers will be used by us everyday.   The same rules apply, if you found it in the room, it stays in the room.   If you found a book you're really into, come see me and you can sign it out.


Computers   My laptop and desktop computers are off limits (unless you are presenting), we will spend time in the lab and will also use the mobile laptop labs.


Cell Phones not a chance, sorry.   If I see, hear, smell, or in any way sense that you are using a cell phone during class or that your phone, or another's is distracting you, I will take it to the end of class.   If this happens again, I take it till the end of the day.


Tobacco   If I see cigarettes, I'll take em and break em.   This includes my room, the hall, the parking lot…


Attendance   Same as the school: 80% (9 days over 9 weeks) No 5 days in a row.   Talk to me in advance if you know you'll be out.


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