April 5th Newsletter

Dear Family,

It was a short but wonderful week!  Everyone seemed rested and ready to go after their spring vacation.

We started a new unit in math this week called How Many Do You Have? This is the sixth of seven units. We are continuing to develop ideas about counting and quantity, comparison, linear measurement, the composition of numbers, and the operations of addition and subtraction.  There is particular focus on counting sets up to 20 objects, as well as decomposing the numbers to 10 in a variety of ways.

We are working on a unit on Neighborhoods in Social Studies. In this unit the children will learn that a neighborhood has buildings, outdoor places, and people.  We designed and made a neighborhood that is on display in the hallway.  We will be learning how Martin Luther King helped people share their neighborhoods.  There will be a review on how to be safe in their neighborhood.

The children are really making amazing progress with their reading and writing.  Your support with the book bag program makes a big difference in terms of their growth.  Continue to read nightly!  Remember to practice the sight word list as much as possible as well. 

The Willow Hill carnival is April 20th.  This is such a great night for families to come out and enjoy some fun and games. 

Have a great Easter weekend!

Sue Vance 

Last modified: Thursday, April 5, 2012, 4:34 PM