April 13th Newsletter

Dear Families,

I reluctantly started a new writing unit on poetry with the children this week. I knew kindergartners would appreciate listening to poetry, but I wasn't really confident about getting them to write it. 

This week we've been spending a great deal of time sharing wonderful poetry together.  We've been listening for line breaks and the music in poetry.I've been teaching them to use their senses, their hearts, minds, and imaginations to take in the details of their lives.  We've been talking about seeing things in fresh ways.  They  have proved me wrong.  They have written some lovely pieces already.  I thought I would share some of their work.  Enjoy!!!




by Dougie

Green is the color of my dad's eyes.

Green is the sound of my bike stopping with a screech.

Green tastes like a popsicle on a hot summers day.

Green tastes like a juicy apple.

Green is as soft as my bed.



K eeps rocks

A ctive

I catch frogs

T alks a lot

L ikes lemons

Y awns

N ice to people

By Kaitlyn



By Nola

Pink looks like my baby sister when she was a baby.

Pink sounds like kisses.

Pink smells sweet like the flowers that I pick.

Pink tastes like candy.

Pink is soft.


My Dog


By Dallas

My dog

fast dog

cuddly, sleepy, furry

My dog loves kids.

My dog



By Kacy

Books can tell.

Books can ask you stuff.

Books love to excite!




By Tanner


Fast, angry

Sleep, jump, hunt

Mad, hungry, drinking




By Hayden


Nice and pretty

Runs a lot

She loves her kids




By Tylor


Teeth and fins

Attack, smell, swim

They've been around for millions of years




By Caleb

C aleb collects coins

fast runner

L ikes legos

E ats cucumbers

B oy


What Your Lizard Might Be Thinking

By Arden

I love to sit on rocks.

I love to eat juicy flies.

I love to gaze at the sun.




By Jada

J okes

A ctive

D oes a lot of reading

A good friend


What Your Dog Might Be Thinking

By Adrianna

I love to lick stuff.

I love to eat dog food.

I love to play with my toys.

I love to drink out of the toilet.

I love to go for walks.


By Madison

Purple is the color of my favorite shirt.

Purple is squeaky.

Purple smells like grape jelly.

Purple is the taste of sour gummies.

Purple is cool and juicy.



By Emily

Furry and soft

Yawns, sleeps, and digs

Plays with a ball


Monkey Thoughts

By Lilly

I love to eat bananas.

I love to climb trees.

I love to drink coconut milk.

I love to swing and run.

I love to scratch.



by Collin

Orange is a daisy flower

Orange sounds like beeping.

Orange has a smokey smell.

Orange tastes like popsicles.

Orange is as hot as hot lava.



By Audrey

Pink looks like a beautiful flower.

Pink is the sound of a big drum roll.

Pink smells like a juicy popsicle that's melting.

Pink tastes sweet.

Pink is as soft as a teddy bear.


My Bunny

By Ashton

Little Bunny

Fluffy and hungry.

Hops and wiggles it's nose.

Tickles my finger.

She loves to be with us.


What Your Cat might Be Thinking

By Linley

I love to lay in the sun all day.

I love sitting on my grandma's lap.

I love chasing my ball of yarn.



By Quinlen

Q uit I Games.

U sually plays legos.

I watch tv.

N ever gets up for school.

L oud!

E ats ravioli.

N ice to friends


Just a reminder that there is a music class open house next Thursday from 12:45- 1:15.  You are invited to come in and watch the children during one of their classes and see all the wonderful things they are doing.






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