April 20th Newsletter

Dear Families,

Thank you for attending the music program yesterday.  Your children were precious as always.  Watching children sing really warms the heart!

We finished up our poetry unit today.  I am so pleased with the children's work.  Each child will have an original poetry book written and illustrated by them at the Willow Hill Share Fair in May.  They will each have approximately 6-8 hand written poems.  This is sure to be a kindergarten keepsake!

We started a unit on living things in science. We've been discussing what a seed is, sorting seeds, estimating and planting seeds.  The children have also been learning the parts of a plant.  By the end of the unit they will have an understanding of what all living things need to live a healthy life.

We have really been focused on addition this week.  The children have had the opportunity to play many hands on activities that reinforce this.  They are really doing a nice job showing their written work when doing story problems.  Please use every chance to incorporate real life addition story problems at home.

Our Willow Hill carnival is tonight.  This is always a great night of family fun. Festivities begin at 5:00.  Hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend!


Sue Vance

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