Miss B's Introduction

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to fourth grade!  That’s right…F O U R T H grade!  Some of you will be familiar faces to me, as I have been one of your children’s former teachers.  For those who are new to “Miss B.’s hive,” I am delighted to help guide your child through fourth grade.   

At Willow Hill, we have three fourth grade classrooms (teachers), one resource teacher, and four specialized teachers (art, music, Spanish, and physical education).  One of our goals is to help prepare all fourth graders for the transition to fifth grade (and middle school), and in doing so, we will be sharing the instruction of core curriculum content in a rotation format, as well as with their special classes.  This is a “new” concept for students, as they were self-contained in third, however the maturity and timeliness to begin this process is ideal to learn in fourth.  We will definitely guide the children through this exciting year of changes!! 

So, what does the day look like?  Well, half of the day is scheduled for the core subjects of reading and math, while the other half of the day is slated for other instruction (social studies, science, and writing): Mrs. Jongekrijg ("young-creek") will be teaching the area of social studies; Mrs. Collins will guide you in the areas of science and health; and I will be teaching writing composition. 

Our first marking period is saturated with curriculum instruction, but also organizational skills, NWEA testing, MEAP preparation, test taking skills, MEAP testing, and school community participation.   This year, all students will also be taking a reading exam and math test, both as benchmarks to see “where-they-are-at” for the onset of the year.

Fourth grade is a challenging year, as we have a heavy curriculum, many CAAP exams in science, social studies, and math  (district testing), the new reading exam (September), NWEA (national common core evaluation in October and in May), MEAP (October), etc., however we do have fun along the way!  During the year we have three class parties:  Halloween, Christmas/Winter, and Valentine’s Day.  Guest speakers are welcome for a spark in our learning, and also student presentations for our parents are sprinkled throughout the year.  We also will be planning a few field trips, too!  We are looking at attending plays, musical events, etc., and all students will get to experience a very special enrichment day, as we head NE to Hartwick Pines in June! 

My experience with TCAPS has been lengthy, but far from retirement.  I have taught in several school districts, however I have been a full time teacher with Traverse City for over 22 yrs—substituting k-12, physics tutor at CHS, health/home tutor for TCAPS, a long-term third grade stint at Traverse Heights, and teaching at Willow Hill (grades 4-6).  

I have attended colleges from Michigan to Alabama.  I earned my provisional and continuing teaching certificates from Central Michigan University, as well as a B.S. degree in Science (biology, geology, and physics).  My master’s degree and professional teaching certificate are from Michigan State University, in the area of curriculum development and teaching.  As you probably know, all teachers today are required by state law to continue to take college classes to apply for license renewal, and although a very costly venture, learning is a life-long process (university or other arenas!)  During the two months off in summer, time is generally spent taking a classes, and working part-time to help pay for the courses!  ;)

Over the past few years, I have been working on my fitness focus, which has been my most challenging and greatest personal achievement!   Long hours, extra endeavors with my career, health complications, etc., all took its toll over the years.  I began to change to a healthier lifestyle a few years ago, and overall, I have made some significant strides (well over #200 lost, and #165 since last December!)  I workout to some degree, daily, either walking my dog, attending the gym (or some type of physical activity), taking fitness classes, bike riding (did reach 150+ miles p/wk this summer!), etc.   Yes, it’s a struggle at times to stick with the program, but the commitment to phoenix is worth the effort—good health is priceless!

Besides fitness, I also spend time supporting and caring for my mother.  She has been suffering from eyesight loss (due to glaucoma), and although nearly blind, she is remarkable—remains positive, faithful, and keeps active as much as possible—still gets in a couple of walks each day!  She lives in Traverse City, and we have high hopes that the economy will continue to gain some footing, and that she can sell her house and property in Kingsley (on the market for 3+ yrs!)

Yes, I’m MISS B.  I am single and still believe in serendipity!  It’s a challenge to meet quality, single gents in this area, so...if you know someone with dynamic traits, groovy integrity, etc., have him call me!  HAHAHA!  I enjoy laughter (humor is essential!), movies, music, writing, football (favorite sport), hockey, basketball, tennis, cycling, painting/drawing, dancing, photography, fitness (weights, biking, swimming, etc.), cooking, coffee, sailing, boating, discovering new places, adventures, reading, warm weather :), etc.

I do have a roommate—a Yorkshire terrier named Tucker!  He’s five years old, nine pounds, smart, spunky, and cute!  Tucker loves attention—eager to demonstrate tricks, such as beg, shake hands, dance, play “find it,” roll over, sit, lay, etc.  (I hope you will take a look at his “movie” I made on my moodle link!)

Please feel free to touch base with me as needed.  I check my phone and email messages daily, however EMAIL is the most efficient way to contact me.  I am generally at school until 5 P.M., however I do have a couple of classes this autumn (twice p/wk), and some evenings I may have appointments, etc., however feel free to contact me at your convenience, as we can always find a time to visit. 

I look forward to reuniting old friendships with past parents, and getting to know all of our new families to Willow Hill and fourth grade!  Get ready for an enriching and exciting elementary year!

Welcome to Miss B.’s hive!  :)


Miss Brewer (Miss B.)

Willow Hill Elementary, 1250 Hill St., Traverse City, MI  49684


EMAIL:  (best mode of communication):            brewerca@tcaps.net

Classroom:  (messages checked daily—will return calls ASAP)—933.8558

School (if you need to reach your child during the day)—933.8540

School fax (if you need to send a note to school or homework)—933.8572

Home (before 8PM)—938.9311

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